How to Use The Pressure of The Clock to Create Massive Inspiration

Pressure works wonders. Anyone who has ever been rapidly approaching a deadline knows that things like procrastination and writer’s block go out the window when it’s crunch time and your job’s on the line.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be under a deadline imposed by your employer to reap the many benefits it offers.

Instead, you can create your own deadline, and enjoy the creative juices that spontaneously arrive when pressure is present. You’ll go from being an orange sitting on the kitchen table with nothing to give, to an orange squeezed of all its luscious nectar.

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t need to use this method every time. Indeed, many of your grandiose ideas sail into your head without warning. And when that happens, there’s nothing better. Problem is, though, that’s not a gift you can rely on.

Sometimes You Need to Create Inspiration Now

So, what do you do when inspiration isn’t coming, and you want to be insanely productive with your time, now?

Simple. You do what I did to generate an idea for this post. You set a timer for a specific amount of time with the intention of coming up with an idea within that time frame.

It’s kinda strange, but when your time is open ended, your mind feels sluggish and not compelled to get moving to come up with something worthwhile. You may find yourself staring endlessly at a blank screen, wondering “what should I write about?”

But, if you do what I did instead, and set a timer for 10 minutes with the intent of generating a worthwhile idea within that time limit, suddenly your mind begins to run like someone just triggered a gunshot to signal the start of a race.

One of the keys to using this technique successfully is that when setting a timer, you have to be determined to come up with a worthwhile idea within your chosen time limit. The determination helps increase pressure which helps get your creative juices flowing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the great ideas you’ll generate by combining determination with a time limit.

You can use this technique as often as you like. If you want to write three articles in a day, at the beginning of each article you can set a timer for 10 minutes, making that your golden time to generate a great idea. When I wrote this article, I quickly came up with an idea long before the 10 minute allotted time finished.

It goes without saying that within the time frame you allot to generate an idea, you need not remain idle. You can do whatever it takes within that time limit to come up with a good idea, such as reading, looking at art, even exercise. For me, though, the time limit’s enough, and my mind comes alive as soon as I set the clock.

Any Online Timers I Can Use?

I’m so glad you asked. I’ve recently given birth to Tick Tock Timer, an online timer you can freely use whenever you want.

Sometimes, generating great ideas is more a matter of pressure than capability.

Set the timer now and see what happens.

Bamboo Forest created an online timer to help you be insanely productive. If you like the timer, you might want to get his twitter, too.

(Post image from Flickr by Aaron Geller)

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