The Year You Were Born May Make GTD Impossible

Generational differences can make a big difference in how we view productivity and how we can organize ourselves. The interview below with Jessie X — who just happens to have studied generational differences, as well as how different generations handle different types of technology — explores those generational differences. You can listen to the audio or read the transcript.

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Interview with Jessie Newburn — Transcription

A couple of key take-aways I thought were especially important:

  • GTD appeals directly to the way Generation X processes and handles tasks. But we’ll probably see something very different appealing to millennials in terms of how that generation will really manage productivity.
  • We’re only just starting to reach a point when Generation X can really move to the front in big organizations and make their tools the official way to do things.
  • How each generation views gender can play a big role in how we talk about the systems we use, although it may have less of an impact on the actual systems we choose.

You can find Jessie on her blog or on Twitter.

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7 Responses to “ The Year You Were Born May Make GTD Impossible ”

  1. Incredible interview with @jessiex on generational differences in productivity. GTD is not the future, folks

  2. Transcript available! RT @thursdayb: Incredible interview with @jessiex on generational differences in productivity

  3. Jonathan says:

    thanks Jessie, this is good stuff. please keep it up, maybe a detailed blog to follow this up?

  4. vickivanv says:

    This is an interesting take on productivity. It reminds me of a great book I read last year on generational influences on society and the economy–The Age Curve by Kenneth W. Gronbach. I may have to pull it back out and reread it in light of these observations.

  5. RT @merylkevans: @thursdayb: Incredible interview with @jessiex on generational differences in productivity

  6. Hi Jessie,

    Thanks for sharing. This was a great way to understand how all the generations can work best together as well as great insights into how to recruit based on Job duties! Hope all is well.

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