The Four Seasons of Productivity

Our projects go through different stages. Our natural energy levels also wax and wane – not just over the course of a day, but over weeks or months.

Your personal “seasons” may not follow the calendar ones at all … but it can be useful to think of your productivity in terms of these:


Spring is the season for new life and growth. Your “spring” might be a time where you’re getting several projects up and running. Perhaps you’ve got lots of energy and enthusiasm for your ideas, and everything seems exciting and new.

This is probably my favorite “season” to be in – but it can’t last forever. Projects need to not only sprout but grow…


Summer is the season for continued growth – and consolidation of what’s already taken place. Your “summer” might be a time when you need to work steadily and consistently on your projects, resisting the urge to start new ones.

You might face difficulties here: perhaps you’re losing your spring-time enthusiasm, or you feel like lazing around and being unproductive. You may need to push on through some resistance.


Fall (or Autumn to my fellow Brits!) is when we take in the harvest. Your “autumn” is when projects reach fruition: they’re either ticking along happily without too much input from you, or they’re coming to an end.

If, like me, you’re tempted to live in an eternal spring, you need to keep your autumn focus on finishing off projects and gathering your gains.


Winter can be a tough season for productive types – but a necessary one. Your “winter” is a time where you can stop, take stock, rest and plan for the next spring. It’s a chance to get a zoomed-out view of your work and your life – and to make decisions about what to keep and what to discard.

Times like this may feel unproductive because they lack the energy of spring, the busyness of summer and the obvious gains of fall. But the time you take to rest, recharge and reflect may be some of the most productive time you invest all year.


Do you have a favorite “season” of productivity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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2 Responses to “ The Four Seasons of Productivity ”

  1. Like you, I love the “spring” of my productivity. Mainly, I love the potential that all my intended pursuits have. Yet, that can also be a danger. Living in the land of potential sometimes disheartens me when my summer and fall don’t end up like I hoped they would.
    Guess I need to work on my summer :) That’s where the magic happens.

    • Ali Luke says:

      I suspect “spring” is where a lot of us like to spend our time! I find that simply being aware of this helps — I can remind myself *not* to start yet another new project. I’ve still got a way to go on this, though…!

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