The Dojo — Do More of What Matters

The Dojo is an ebook, set of audio files and additional follow-up goodies by Charlie Gilkey and Jonathan Mead, aimed at helping you do more of what matters.

It  costs $67 and you can buy it from The Dojo Guide.

Would we spend our own money on it?

★ ★ ★ (three stars)

Yes, but I have reservations about the price. $67 is a stretch for my budget.

However, having gone through the materials in The Dojo, I’ll admit that there’s plenty here which will help me to have far more than $67 of extra productive (and enjoyably productive) time.

Was it easy to learn from?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (five stars)

Charlie and Jonathan have kept The Dojo simple and streamlined. They’ve got a set of short, high-impact audio files which go with the concise ebook that cuts straight to what matters. I don’t have hours to spend wading through masses of material for a few nuggets of gold, so I really appreciated this.

Do Charlie and Johnny provide something unique?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (five stars)

In a word, yes. The tone, style and philosophy of The Dojo is very different from that found on a lot of productivity blogs. There’s no “top 100 ways” type content here … Charlie and Jonathan use their combined productivity coaching and writing expertise to deliver concepts which make an actual difference.

If you’re familiar with their blogging, you’ll find that The Dojo builds on, refines and encapsulates ideas which they’ve explored in other venues.

Charlie and Jonathan have different styles, as they acknowledge; the fusion of two minds here has created something very strong and balanced. You’re essentially getting two experts for the price of one.

Is this for you?

We’d highly recommend this for you if you:

  • Seem to be busy all the time without making progress on the areas of life which really matter
  • Have read dozens of posts full of productivity tips – which only make you busier and more stressed out
  • Want to align your work with what’s good for your heart, mind, soul and body
  • Would like to work in a less effort-driven way: letting enthusiasm pull you onwards, rather than pushing yourself with joyless will-power or self-discipline

Sounds like it might be a good fit? Go and check it out.

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