The Creativity Toolbox: Get Your Creative Gears Turning Again

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You’ve been doing your creative thing for a while. Perhaps you even started as a kid – drawing sketches of friends, scribbling stories in notebooks, making up your own songs. It felt easy, once. It came naturally. You enjoyed it.


But, for a while now, it’s been getting tougher. You feel like you’ve had all your good ideas, and there are no more to come. You got good at what you did, but now you’re stuck. And, even though you’ve tried, you can’t find the time to be creative any more.

Some days, you wonder if you’re really a writer or a painter or a musician or a creative at all.

So should you just give up? Abandon your dreams and focus on the day job, or the housework?

Hell, no.

We know just how it feels to get stuck (we’ve been there ourselves). We know what it’s like to squeeze your creativity into the corners of your life (we hear from a lot of folks who’re in exactly the same place as you). And we know that it’s important – really important – that you keep on with your creative work. It matters.

So we put together the Creativity Toolbox, and crammed it full of tools to help you get going and keep moving forwards.

We’ve packed it with:

  • Seven interviews: with four creative practioner and three creativity coaches
  • Three guides: full of tips and tricks to get you over your creative sticking-points
  • A resource directory: our pick of the best creative resources out there, from books to software
  • Jump-leads for your creativity: our top 65 ways to kindle that creative spark

Sounds like just what you need? Grab it now…

The Creativity Toolbox will help you if:

  • You’re overwhelmed and can’t find time to be creative
  • You’d love to make money from your creative skills, but you don’t know where to start
  • You want your creative work to flow easily – but it always feels like a struggle
  • Your motivation is plummeting, or has already hit rock-bottom
  • You want to learn from people who’ve already headed down the path that you’re on
  • You wish someone would talk about creativity without getting all woo-woo

Inside your Toolbox, you’ll find:

Seven Interviews

We’ve kept these short and to the point, so you don’t end up listening to loads of chit-chat when you’re desperate for good, actionable tips.

Our creative practitioners are:

  • Lexi Rodrigo, freelance writer – talking about fitting work around your kids, balancing all your different creative projects, and getting started as a freelancer
  • Lorna Cowie, artist and costume designer - talking about running an artistic business from home, dealing with “someday” project ideas (without forgetting them or getting stuck dwelling on them), and keeping your partner on board
  • Willie Hewes, illustrator and comic book publisher – talking about balancing your creative business with your day job, tackling your inner critics, and knowing how to price your creative services
  • Charlie Pabst, graphic designer – talking about the transition from a part-time to a full-time creative business, how to balance admin with creative work, and having fun while making money too

These four are right in the thick of the creative action. Their interviews are packed with real-life advice, not pie-in-the-sky ideals. Just like you, they’re juggling work, family, fun and multiple projects. And they’ll tell you exactly how they succeed – and how you can too.

Our creativity coaches are:

  • Charlie Gilkey, momentum coach – teaching you how to avoid “shiny baubles” which distract you from the project at hand, how to find structures and processes which work for you, and how to make your creative work a priority in your life – despite everything else going on
  • Kelly Kingman, ebook and ecourse guru – teaching you how to nurture ideas and turn them into action plans, how to get started, and how to make it almost impossible not to stick to your good intentions
  • Glen Stansberry, life development blogger – teaching you about the biggest block to your creativity(and how to avoid it), telling you how to see a project through to the end and how to use your social network effectively

These three have a ton of experience working with different creatives, and they know exactly what problems tend to come up. They know all about low confidence, perfectionism, energy slumps and everything else that can block your creativity. If you wanted a one-on-one session with each of them, it’d cost you a few hundred dollars: in the Creativity Toolbox, you’re getting their best advice for a fraction of that.

Three Guides

Just like the interviews, the Guides are focused and targeted at just what you need. They are:

Game Plan: Spark to Business (36 pages)

When we surveyed Constructively Productive’s readers, we found that you would love to make money from your creative work – but you feel like you’re facing an insurmountable hurdle.

We’ve broken down into micro-steps everything you need to do to turn your great idea into a flourishing business.

Mapping Your Project: The Big Picture and the Details (22 pages)

Ever get bogged down on a project? Perhaps you knew what your overall aim was, but you couldn’t find your way there. Maybe you had lots of details in place, but the big picture wouldn’t come together.

This Guide fixes all that, sharing a bunch of tricks and techniques for seeing the big picture and the zoomed-in view of your projects.

Balancing Life and Creativity (26 pages)


If you’re exhausted, you can’t create. If you’re in poor health – mental or physical – your creativity is going to take a huge knock. This Guide helps you strike a good balance in your life, showing you how to finally feel in balance.

Plus Extras!

The Toolbox also comes complete with:

Resource Directory

Fed up of wading through the dross to find a few gems? We’ve listed the best creativity blogs, books, software and more that we know of – and given you quick descriptions of each, so you’ll know whether or not it’s for you.

65 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

Sometimes, you don’t want to get out the big tools: you just need a quick jump-start. This guide does just that, offering a bunch of ways to spark your creativity, ranging from one-minute tips to life-changing weekends.

Interview with “Coach Creative”, Dan Goodwin (coming very soon)

We’ll be sending this out to the Toolbox email list in a few weeks.

What Does All This Cost?

At the moment, the Toolbox is on the shelves for just $47.

NB: We’ll be reviewing the price periodically, especially as we add new content. Once you own the Toolbox, you get all future updates absolutely free – however much we add, and however high the price goes.

Our Guarantee

We want you to love the Toolbox as much as we do. We created it because we want you to spend more time doing what you love, happily and profitably!

If you’re disappointed in any way, just ask us for a refund in the first 60 days after you buy it, and we’ll send your money straight back to you.

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