Individual Toolbox Guides Released

Note: The Creativity Toolbox is currently off the virtual shelves. If you’d like to purchase a copy, please email

Maybe you looked at the Creativity Toolbox or the mini-Toolbox a while ago, and thought that looks great … but half of it doesn’t apply to me.

For the first time, we’re selling the individual Guides from the Creativity Toolbox at $7 each.

You can still buy the bundle of all three, with the bonuses, for $19 (saving you a couple of bucks).

We might well raise the price on these – particularly the slightly longer “Game Plan” guide – so if you’re keen to get a bargain, grab them now!

You can get the full details over here (and see our shiny new page all about the Creativity Toolbox) or just read the short descriptions below.

Game Plan: Spark to Business (36 pages)

When we surveyed Constructively Productive’s readers, we found that you would love to make money from your creative work – but you feel like you’re facing an insurmountable hurdle.

We’ve broken down into micro-steps everything you need to do to turn your great idea into a flourishing business.


Mapping Your Project: The Big Picture and the Details (22 pages)

Ever get bogged down on a project? Perhaps you knew what your overall aim was, but you couldn’t find your way there. Maybe you had lots of details in place, but the big picture wouldn’t come together.

This Guide fixes all that, sharing a bunch of tricks and techniques for seeing the big picture and the zoomed-in view of your projects.


Balancing Life and Creativity (26 pages)

If you’re exhausted, you can’t create. If you’re in poor health – mental or physical – your creativity is going to take a huge knock. This Guide helps you strike a good balance in your life, showing you how to finally feel in balance.


Bonuses (only with the 3-in-1 pack)

The Creative Resource Directory

This is our list of the best blogs, books, ebooks, websites and software that can help you with creativity and with business. We’ve written a short description and review of each, to save you time in finding what you need right now.

65 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

In a rut? Lacking ideas? Just open up this guide, pick one (or more!) of the 65 tips, and get going! Our creativity pays our bills, so we know just how to get it going on demand.

Want to know more about the Creativity Toolbox, or get the whole thing? Just click here to find out all about it.

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