How to Win the Productivity Game

This is a guest post by Kirsten Simmons.

All right, hands up, who loves Hyperbole and a Half?

We’ve all had those system failure days, where the pressures of being an adult are just too much. Everywhere we look there’s something we need to do, all these boring, routine tasks like dishes and laundry and groceries. And let’s not even get started on the things we’re supposed to do at work…

So what’s a pseudo-adult to do?

Make it into a game.

The theme this month at Constructively Productive is productivity at home, and home is exactly where you’ll want to center your productivity game.

Pick a wall with lots of space and buy a few pieces of poster board. Or clear off your refrigerator and freezer door for the cause.

Get a lot of really cool little magnets, or stickers, or draw on your boards with colorful markers. Maybe you can create an intricate design with pieces to color in later, or do something simpler and create a bunch of circles to color in or cross out.

Then make a list of your tasks. Include every little one that you can possibly think of. Brushing your teeth. Feeding the dogs. Feeding yourself. Taking out the trash. Assign each one a point value based on your colorful shapes.

Now come up with a prize. Make it something fun, something you want. That will be your reward for getting all of your points.

Now, go forth and do your tasks! At the end of each day, color in/cross out/move your magnets from the fridge to the freezer. When you’ve gotten through the entire point supply, congratulations, it’s time for your reward! Go enjoy it, then start the process over again.

With this little game, you can go out and face the world like an adult. No one need ever know that you’re playing a game the entire time.

Kirsten is the unconventional guru behind Personalized Productivity, the system that uses your personality type to create your perfect productivity framework.

Post image by Allie from Hyperbole and a Half and taken from This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult

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