Guest Posting Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in guest posting!

We’re keen to feature a range of voices and opinions on Constructively Productive, and as you’re probably aware, our focus is on “productivity with perspective”, giving different angles and going beyond conventional advice.

Submitting Guest Posts

Please email guest posts to AND (just copy us both into the same email).

Please send your guest post as a .doc attachment, or paste your guest post into the body of your email (preferably in HTML format).

We will let you know if we can’t use your post, so that you can submit it elsewhere.


Please write your post in your own voice and style, and be as conversational and as informal as you like.


We will only take guest posts which have not been published elsewhere online. Once you’ve sent us a guest post and we’ve published it, please do not submit it anywhere else.


We currently group posts into several weeks on the same theme, and we’d prefer it if posts are related (even if tangentially or surprisingly) to this theme.

Upcoming themes are:

  • January – Home
  • February – Leadership

If you’re not sure whether your idea is right for us, please shoot us a line (see our Contact page) and let us know what you’re thinking of writing about.


Posts should be a minimum of 500 words. There’s no maximum, though if your post is over 1,000 words we may split it into two parts.

Affiliate Links

Please don’t include affiliate links directly in your post. (It’s fine to link to a page on your own site which contains affiliate links, though.)

Where appropriate, we may place our own affiliate links into your post.


Please include a Creative Commons commercial use licensed image from Flickr. (If you’re not sure what that means, there’s a great post by Skellie here which explains how to find great images on Flickr.)

At the bottom of your post, please put “Image by” and give the name and link for the image’s creator.


Please include a short bio (one to two sentences) with your guest post. You may include up to two links here, e.g. to your blog URL or RSS feed.


Note that we may well edit your post for grammar, spelling and typographical errors. We may also cut for length reasons where appropriate. We may change your title too.

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