Five Great Posts to Help You Get Your House Ship-Shape – Fast

I’ll admit it – I’m not going to win any prizes for tidiness.

I like things to be neat and organised, I’m just not very good at keeping them that way. I work at home, and it’s very easy for my office (aka the tiny box bedroom) to get cluttered up. The rest of the house – well, it’s best ignored.

I don’t find cleaning particularly fulfilling. I always think if I spent this time writing, I’d have something to show for it! But I’ll just need to clean again tomorrow…

And I don’t really want the house to be spotless. I like it to be a comfortable, lived-in environment – albeit with a slightly cleaner kitchen.

So, I’ve rounded up a few great posts about decluttering and cleaning – posts written for people like you and me, who don’t want to aim for perfection, but who’d like to be able to find clean plates and see the carpet once in a while.

#1: 15 Great Decluttering Tips by Leo Babauta on Zen Habits

Being English, I particularly love this for tip #6 – “Whenever you’re boiling the kettle for tea, tidy up the kitchen.”

#2: Take Control of Clutter! by Heloise on Good Housekeeping

The “if you have five minutes…” tips are great (and a good reminder of things you probably know you should declutter but keep forgetting about…)

#3: 10 Tips to Beat Clutter in Less Than Five Minutes by Gretchen Rubin on Unclutterer

This post gives sensible tips for keeping clutter under control – some are things to do daily, other are general rules like “get rid of things if they break”.

#4: How to Tidy Your House in Five Minutes by Kristinam on Ehow

Are you seeing a theme here? This is my favourite “five minutes” post so far – the entire house! And in my experience, spending just five minutes really can make a dramatic difference to how things look.

#5: Daily Quick Cleaning Checklist from Real Simple

This looks a bit too keen to me (does the bathroom sink really need cleaning every day?) but you could easily adapt the list for your own home and your own level of cleanliness…

How’s your spring cleaning going? Have you got a favourite cleaning or decluttering tip to share, or a link to a great post? Let us know in the comments…

Image credit: Flickr user blmurch

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