Last Chance to Get The Creativity Toolbox at $27

If you’ve been biding your time to buy The Creativity Toolbox … you’ll want to grab it now for $27. Our early bird deal finishes at midnight (Friday 10th).

After that, it’s off the shelves until I’m back from honeymoon. We’ll be bringing it back at $47, with extra content and added shine — but if you buy now, you’ll get the updated version for free.

You can find out more here, or simple click on the big orange button below:

The Creativity Toolbox is now off the market. We’ll be taking a look at feedback and bringing it back on the market in a few weeks — so keep an eye out!

P.S. I’m getting married in just 18 hours … but thought I’d snatch a few minutes to remind you that now’s your very last chance! Once I’m awake tomorrow (around 6am GMT — which means around midnight tonight if you’re in the US), I’m pulling The Creativity Toolbox off the shelves.

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