The Creativity Toolbox: What You Need to Be Productive and Creative

Note: The full version of the Toolbox is now available here.

As a general rule, there are two problems when it comes to creativity: how do we come up with enough time to work on the projects we truly want to spend our time on, and how do we make a living in the process?

While there is plenty of productivity advice out there, most of it isn’t focused on the creative process. Instead, it’s about getting the trash taken out , filing your emails, and keeping a boss happy. It just doesn’t help people like us.

So, we decided to address the lack. We’ve put together a set of tools for creative individuals — broadly defined as people who take on projects that can’t be broken down into steps a trained monkey can do. We’re talking coders, writers, painters, designers and a lot of other  people. Our tools are designed to help you be productively creative, and we emphasize putting yourself in a position where you can make a living off your work.

It’s definitely a packed toolbox: we offer tips and tricks from our own experiences setting up businesses based on writing, as well as interviews with folks who design costumes, write copy, create illustrations and design websites (and, for what it’s worth, each of our interview subjects have plenty of side projects as well).

We chose to create a toolbox over a system or a how-to manual — creativity works differently for each of us and we each have to find the right way to keep our creative engines burning. We’re not forcing you into a system which doesn’t fit. We’re not telling you what you should do. We’re giving you new ideas and encouraging you to try out different creative tips.

Early Bird Deal (until Friday 10th)

Now, we wanted to get all of this out before Ali gets married at the end of this week (congratulations, Ali!) and we know that we’ve got something of a beta version here. So Ali doesn’t have to think about pdfs and mp3s when she’s supposed to be concentrating on getting something borrowed and something blue, we’re pushing it out the door today.

We’re offering the whole package for $27 up until midnight on Friday.

Note: The full version of the Toolbox is now available here.

At that point, we’re pulling it off the market until Ali gets back so that Thursday isn’t bothering her with emails and distracting her from more important things.

In the current version, you get:

Four recorded interviews where awesome creative people spill their secrets

  • Lexi Rodrigo, freelance writer
  • Lorna Cowie, artist and costume designer
  • Willie Hewes, illustrator and comic book publisher
  • Charlie Pabst, graphic designer

Three Guides to help you do more of your best work

  • Game Plan: Spark to Business (36 pages)
  • Mapping Your Project: The Big Picture and the Details (22 pages)
  • Balancing Life and Creativity (26 pages)

Plus our Resource List – blog, book and software recommendations

After Ali gets back, we’ll add in four more calls that we’ve planned, as well as doing some tweaking and adding to the resource list. We’ll take on board any feedback and requests that you have, too.

We’ll put the Creativity Toolbox back on the market for $47. Of course, you’ll get the updated version for free, if you buy this week.

But that means that if you want the whole package for $27, rather than $47, you have to buy it before the end of the day Friday.

We know how easy it is to leave these things too late, so hit the big button below to grab your copy before it’s gone:

It is gone! The full version of the Toolbox is now available here.

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