Become More Awesome in 2011

Every Friday, my calendar has a note: “Awesomeness email”.

That’s because, on Thursdays (Friday for me in the UK), I get an email from Pace and Kyeli’s 52 Weeks to Awesome course. As you can see, I’m over half-way through right now:

I’m subscribed to a number of email newsletters – but the ones starting “52WtA” are the ones which I anticipate and look forward to opening. I know I can rely on Pace and Kyeli for gentle, thoughtful insights and practical tips that help me to be more balanced and more creative.

So what’s this got to do with our current theme of health?

Health isn’t just physical. In fact, mental/emotional health is incredibly important – especially if you’re trying to live a happy and meaningful life. Plus, your emotional state has an impact on your physical wellbeing; I definitely find that I get more colds when I’m feeling stressed, for instance.

52 Weeks to Awesome is a great investment in mental health – a reminder to take some time once a week to think something through and try something new. It’s a bit like having a regular gym session or jogging route.

Am I more awesome, after 32 weeks? I think I am. J I’m definitely thinking harder about how I communicate (particularly with my husband) and I’m feeling more confident about myself and my skills.

So you can imagine that Thursday and I were pretty excited to hear that Pace and Kyeli were making 52 Weeks to Awesome … more awesome. They’ve released a whole new version, with a bunch of extra goodies like extra missions, free ebooks and more – including an absolutely free coaching session with Pace if you complete at least 80% of the course.

And Pace and Kyeli haven’t even raised the price (despite having about twice as much content now). In fact, they’re running a pre-registration sale for the next couple of days, until December 2ndyou can get all 52 weeks of the course for just $37 (less than $1/week).

It’s a small price for weekly inspiration and insights, and if you’d like to be even more awesome than you are now, Thursday and I think you’ll love this. We certainly do. :-)

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