Be the Leader in Your Own Life

I’ve had times when I’ve wanted to blame anything and everything for the problems I was having:

It’d be so much easier to do my work if I had a better computer.

If I got a pay rise, I wouldn’t be so worried about money.

People keep distracting me while I’m trying to write this essay.

Everyone else was downing shots too…

You know the kind of thing. It’s all too easy to blame other people or circumstances for your problems. And if you do take some responsibility, perhaps you’re tempted to say something like:

I just don’t concentrate well.

I was never good with money.

I’ve got an addictive personality.

It’s easy to fixate on some aspect of your personality, shrug your shoulders, and assume that you simply can’t change.

Is that really true?

Being a leader in your own life involves taking back responsibility. It means acknowledging that hey, you are the one in control – whether you like it or not.

Being a leader in your own life might mean that:

  • You acknowledge that you can change your behaviour – if you want to.
  • You find ways to get out of tough situations (like being in debt).
  • You look for solutions to problems which keep cropping up – like being distracted by colleagues.
  • You get honest with yourself – even when that’s hard.

You’re in charge. You didn’t just get handed the life which you’re living today – you created it. And if you want, you can make changes – both big and small.

How can you reclaim the leader’s role in your own life?

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  1. Mike Kirkeberg says:

    Don’t know if we are always in control (of all factors), but we are always response able.

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