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The whole Creativity Toolbox:

Our seven interviewees:

The three Guides:

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The Creativity Toolbox includes interviews with four creative practitioners: Willie Hewes, Lorna Cowie, Lexi Rodrigo and Charlie Pabst. Between them, they cover day jobs, self-employment, writing, designing, illustration, costume-making, and more!

The Creativity Toolbox has advice from three creativity experts who normally charge hundreds of dollars an hour for coaching: Charlie Gilkey from Productive Flourishing, Kelly Kingman from Sticky eBooks and Glen Stansberry from LifeDev.

Check out The Creativity Toolbox for three awesome Guides aimed squarely at creative folks: helping you use your creativity profitably, balance your life and creativity, and finally finish those projects you’ve started.

Want to take your creativity to the next level? The Creativity Toolbox gives you everything you need: three fluff-free Guides covering biz, projects and more, eight brilliant interviews with creative people and creative coaches, plus bonuses.

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Want a creative business that works? Check out The Creativity Toolbox – packed full of goodies to inspire and help.

Tips from @CharlieGilkey @WillieHewes @LornaCowie @GlenStansberry @LexiRodrigo @CharfishCharlie & @StickyEbooks

Digging into The Creativity Toolbox – so many great goodies! Get yours here:

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