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Constructively Productive started with a guest post Ali wrote: The Missing Half of Productivity Advice: Why Women Need to Get Involved. The idea resounded — both Thursday and Ali have written about productivity on a regular basis and noticed that the perspectives out there aren’t exactly inclusive.

At SXSW 2010, Ali and Thursday met up in person. We had the chance to talk to productivity experts of every kind while we were there: the folks who build resources, the people who blog about productivity and even the people who need productivity advice to get everything on their plates done. From everyone we talked to, we got excited responses. A blog that brings perspective to productivity? That can find productivity advice really relevant to a wider readership? The time has come.

Thursday Bram: Thursday has been writing for a living since college. She got interested in learning more about how to become more productive because she always has several projects going. She’s written for Lifehack, WebWorkerDaily and other blogs where productivity was the big focus. Thursday’s personal site is ThursdayBram.com.




Ali Luke: Ali got interested in productivity and time management as a student. She’s a freelance writer taking a part-time Masters degree in Creative Writing, and writes for a number of blogs on productivity related issues, including Dumb Little Man and Pick the Brain. Her own blog can be found at Aliventures.com.





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3 Responses to “ About the Blog ”

  1. Archan Mehta says:

    Yo, Ali and Thursday:

    Thanks for this blog: really did not know it existed until I read about it on Aliventures.

    Please keep up the good work you folks are doing here. Heck, it is a good start. Glad to see like-minders getting together and starting a new business venture. Let the good times roll and keep on rocking.


  2. [...] Thursday Bram & Ali Luke – This duo runs the phenomenal Constructively Productive blog where they discuss productivity advice for the masses. Aside from that they are also freelance writers who decided cubicles and office chairs just weren’t for them. You can check out their awesome interview, How to Be Successful Online When You’re Online When You’re Only Blogging Part-Time on BlogCast FM. [...]

  3. Deborah Fike says:

    I didn’t know the two of you started a blog. Two of my favorite professional bloggers in one place! :) RSS feed…added.

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